HODINKEE Radio: Episode 71: Jesse Johnson & How To Make A Limited Edition Watch

HODINKEE Radio: Episode 71: Jesse Johnson & How To Make A Limited Edition Watch

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We thought it would be fun to start off this year’s penultimate episode with something a bit different. I wrangled Cara (who, in addition to being an editor also manages our special project) and Russell (our Chief Commercial Officer) into the studio to chat about how a HODINKEE limited edition watch comes to life. We recorded the day between the releases of the NOMOS Tangente Sport Limited Edition for HODINKEE and the Leica M10-P “Ghost Edition” for HODINKEE, so we were in the eye of the proverbial storm. Timing was perfect. Cara and Russell offer up some super interesting insights into what it takes to get from an idea to a design to a finished watch and the delicate balancing act that is required along the way. Personally, I learned a lot about the process talking to them and I think you’ll really enjoy it. 

The main part of this episode though is a conversation between Cole, myself, and Jesse Johnson, who you might know as the keyboardist from Motion City Soundtrack. Jesse is a consummate collector who loves digging into the minutiae of things – and the more esoteric they are, the better. He’s also extremely eloquent, which helps him make the case for his obsessions. We all originally met on Instagram, but sitting face-to-face with some cocktails in hand (Jesse came prepared with pre-mixed Rositas) was a blast. Motion City Soundtrack is also about to head out on tour, and Jesse’s going to be hosting watch meet-ups along the way. I highly recommend you drop by and meet him in person if he’s coming through your city. You definitely won’t regret it.

We hope you enjoy Episode 71 of HODINKEE Radio. Check out the show notes below and let us know what you think in the comments.

Wrist Check

It’s pretty tough to beat a good ole fashioned Tudor Snowflake if you’re looking for a vintage watch that oozes charm and style. Jesse’s is a watch that he wanted for a long time, and he was thrilled to finally score this super clean example. Unlike some with more ghosted looks, this one still has a deep blue bezel (that almost looks black in certain light) and a richly colored dial. Despite bringing a handful of watches along to our recording session, this is one that was on his wrist when he stepped through the door – and I have to say I co-sign that choice.

Show Notes

NOMOS Tangente Sport Limited Edition For HODINKEE

Leica M10-P “Ghost Edition” For HODINKEE

NOMOS Glashütte Metro Chronometer Limited Edition for HODINKEE

Swatch Sistem 51 HODINKEE Generation 1986

Vacheron Constantin Historiques Cornes de Vache 1955 Limited Edition For HODINKEE

Laurent Ferrier Traveller Limited Edition For HODINKEE

Oris Divers Sixty-Five Limited Edition For HODINKEE

IWC Pilot’s Watch Mark XVIII Edition HODINKEE

Omega Speedmaster HODINKEE 10th Anniversary Limited Edition

TAG Heuer Limited Edition Carrera Skipper For HODINKEE

Motion City Soundtrack



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