In The Shop – In The Shop: The Barrett Strap Collection, Springs + Gears Prints, And Mini Leather Watch Pouches

In The Shop - In The Shop: The Barrett Strap Collection, Springs + Gears Prints, And Mini Leather Watch Pouches

Happy Sunday! This time of year is always hectic, and the HODINKEE Shop is here to (hopefully) make your life a little easier and your shopping list a little smaller. We’re adding a number of new products to the HODINKEE Shop in this special weekend update, with each one small enough to add on to a larger gift (a new watch, perhaps?), but also significant enough to stand out on its own. From a new collection of leather straps in a variety of colors to letterpress prints that display some of history’s most acclaimed chronograph movements, we’ve got you covered. 

The Barrett Strap Collection

The latest addition to our strap line-up is the Barrett collection, a series of six leather straps in a variety of colors that come to us by way of a small, family-owned tannery in the South of France. Unlike the dozens of other straps we’ve stocked over the years, these feature a more glossy finish with a rich sheen that stands out in a big way. The oak-tanned leather will develop a nice patina over time, transitioning from its lustrous appearance to a more matte look. If you’re familiar with our Moulded Oak-Tanned Leather Cases, then you’ll know that this type of leather, just like the best vintage watches, will only get better looking with age. Since each strap undergoes a natural vegetable tanning process during its production, the graining of the leather is different in every single strap, regardless of color or size.

The straps that make up the Barrett collection all channel a rustic vibe, with contrasting, all-around stitching and polished buckles. Each colorway comes in our standard four sizes (fitting lug widths of 18, 19, 20, and 22mm) and has a thickness of approximately 2.5mm. The six colors that the Barrett collection comes in are burgundy, navy, yellow, dark brown, red, and tan. Each color has its own charms, but each retains a low-key profile that makes it well-suited for anything from a vintage Rolex Submariner (see above) to a modern Hamilton chronograph (see below). 

Springs + Gears Prints

One step into HODINKEE’s New York office and it’s clear that we appreciate a good old fashioned movement diagram. Our editorial team has visited a countless number of Swiss and German workshops and factories over the years, and spotting the intricate technical blueprints of vintage parts and calibers hanging above workbenches has become a bit of a collective obsession. While we were spending time hunting for ones to call our own across the Atlantic, the next best thing was being born in our Brooklyn backyard with the debut of Springs + Gears, a young design studio that produces letterpress prints of some of the watch world’s most celebrated chronograph movements.

For those that aren’t familiar with letterpress printing, it’s an intricate process that involves both man and machine, similar to the production of an engine-turned dial. Just like the art of guilloché and the rose-engine lathe, an actual person works together with a printing press to produce each relief print.

There are four different movements represented in Springs + Gears current catalog, with two varieties of paper used and two sizes to choose from. The four movements are the OMEGA 321, the OMEGA 1861, the Longines 13ZN (the cover star of HODINKEE Magazine Vol. 4), and the Valjoux 72. The off-white paper used in most of the prints is made of a sustainable blend of 90 percent bamboo and 10 percent cotton, while the dark blue-colored paper is supplied by a family-owned American company that uses 100 percent hydroelectric power. 

While it might be a stretch to fit one of these prints (available in either 8″ x 8″ or 15″ x 15″ sizes) in an actual stocking, it’s hard to think of a better way to decorate a watch enthusiast’s office or studio than with one of these, especially if you, or a loved one, owns a watch with one of the calibers featured inside. 

Mini Leather Watch Pouches

Our final new addition to the HODINKEE Shop today is something we think you’ll be excited about. We’ve taken our popular leather watch pouches that are intended for keeping your watch safe and secure during all types of travel, from a daily commute to continent hopping, and – wait for it – made them smaller!

Where our previous watch pouches were better suited for watches with straps, these miniaturized ones are ideal for any watch with a bracelet, particular those featuring an integrated design. The compact dimensions keep the watch – and bracelet – from moving around too much, and each pouch comes with a matching leather divider to protect your caseback and bracelet from scraping up against one another. These pouches are also a great way to store your watches in a safe at home or lined up in a safety deposit box. Each pouch is made in the United States, can fit one watch, and is secured by a single button. Three pouches are available in this new size: Dark Brown, Mustard Yellow, and Navy Blue. The dark brown pouch is made of English Suede and comes at a slight premium, while the navy blue and mustard yellow pouches are made of soft leather. 

Trust us, if you buy one, you’re going to want them all. 

More In The HODINKEE Shop

There are plenty more accessories, tools, straps, and books available in the HODINKEE Shop right now, and we invite you to explore our current collection at your leisure. We, of course, also carry watches (both vintage and contemporary) and are an authorized retailer of all the modern timepieces we offer. And as of two weeks ago, we’re also a proud authorized dealer of Leica Camera.

If you’re waiting until the last minute to do your holiday shopping, no worries. To guarantee delivery by 12/24/19, all domestic ground deliveries must be placed by 5:00pm ET on Dec. 18, and all expedited deliveries, including watches valued over $2,000, must be placed by 5:00pm ET on Dec. 19th. Internationally, all orders of watches valued above $2,000 must be placed by 2:00pm ET on Dec. 16.

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